Help get my future niece & nephew out of a war zone

My brother & sister-in-law are in the process of adopting Ukrainan siblings. They are desperate to get emergency visas so the kids can live safely in the US until the war is over and they can complete the legal process. More about their plight in this NBC interview! The author sums up this situation perfectly in her last line, "It's unconscionable that Americans who are trying to complete their families and get children out of a war zone should have to beg their government for help at all." 

Representative Joe Morelle from New York has proposed legislation to make this possible for Ukranian children in the process of being adopted! THANK YOU to everyone who participated in the earlier letter writing campaign. We raised awareness on this issue. Now we have real legislation that we can advocate for!

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Find your representatives here. 

Copy the letter below, paste into the "contact" form on your representatives' websites, and be sure to swap in your information. And please contact me so I can thank you personally!

Dear [Representative],  


In a fight to advocate for prospective adoptive children in Ukraine, I am excited to hear about the proposal by Congressman Joseph D. Morelle of New York. 


I respectfully request that all elected officials from [State] support Congressman Morelle’s "Calls for action to address stalled adoptions of Ukrainian children."


Please feel free to reach out if I can be of any assistance to support this cause.