You're invited to my studio for private shopping!

Miss seeing me at shows? Come to my studio!

You're invited to come hang out at my studio for private shopping, gossip, and to show me pictures of your dog! After a new coat of paint and some rearranging, my workspace has a new look and it's ready for you to visit. I've got racks of sundresses, culottes, and my fave overalls in all sizes that you need to check out! I'm super serious about Covid-19 precautions. Please know that when you come over I'll be wearing a mask and ask that you do too. I'm wiping down surfaces, I've got hand sanitizer for you, all garments that have been previously tried on will be set aside for 48 hours or steamed before I'll let you try it on. I want you to be safe & comfortable in my space!

That being said, look at this cute space! Almost makes you forget I'm working in my basement, doesn't it? I've been painting, de-cluttering, and working out the lighting. (It only took a global pandemic to bring me around to this to-do list!) Ok, it still looks a bit raw, but when we first bought the house the basement could best be described as "murdery" so it's come a long way! 

I really wanted the dressing room to be comfortable. And look--you can see your own bum in the mirror! Check out all your angles. Nice. 

Send me a message! See you soon!