Our summer collection covers sizes XS-4XL!

I am completely over the moon to tell you that I've doubled the size range Wulfka offers! I really think this collection will work for a wide range of body types and I'm so excited to take the leap! I hired a size-XS model and a size-XL model for this photoshoot just to demonstrate. Check out the pictures here! My size-XL model fell in love with the Kenzie dress because she felt so sexy in it, and the size-XS model loved the Megan Jane overalls! They both looked stunning side-by-side in matching Lita dresses. I think that's going to be my best seller this summer. Shop the whole collection here.

I'm bringing back my crisp linen/cotton fabric (how can you go through summer without a crisp linen?) and cotton jersey that's as comfy as your favorite tee. I'm adding a 100% Cotton Lawn fabric that's literally tissue thin, in bright citrusy Lemon and Blood Orange colors. Plus a grey/green Slate color because I know you guys want it in a neutral too!

To be completely honest, extended sizes are new to me, so I was really hoping to start the season with some live events so that I could get folks' honest reactions to the fit and sizing. That way I could make any adjustments to the patterns early in the season. But let me assure you: if you order a piece and the fit isn't quite right please contact me and let's figure it out together! It might mean that you send it back for an alteration. I'm still learning and open to your feedback!