Masks are here!

Masks are here, designed for comfort and safety!

Here I come, late to the party as always! After donating over 600 masks to medical facilities, it seems that enough commercially-made PPE is available and I'm free to design masks for you!

I carefully designed this mask for maximum comfort and efficacy. I want it to be super comfortable and breathable so you'll love wearing it and being safe! 

Three ultra-breathable layers include an inner filter of non-woven polypropylene (the kind of material surgical masks are made from. I was so excited when my fabric rep told me she could get me this!) which is made of layers of interlaced fibers which make it difficult for microscopic particles to get through. 

Gaps around the edge are eliminated with a nosewire and ties, so that all air is forced through the filter. I also gave a smidge extra roundness to the front seam for free movement of the mouth. Shop'em here!

Let's stay safe while the city opens up! Wear a mask when you go out, keep social distancing, and wash your hands A TON! We've got this Chicago!