Introducing: The Fishing Village Collection

Inspired by an idyllic remote Icelandic village with breathtaking views and blustering winds, with quaint Wes Anderson-colored houses where candles burn each evening and the crisp air smells like leavening bread. I wanted to capture the simplicity of design and tactility of understated yet luxurious raw materials that is woven through the food, the furnishings, and the clothing there.

Burrow into buttery cotton flannels and my favorite lightweight sweaterknit. The Katrin A-Line Skirt with tights and boots is a classic Fall look. The Leyla Dress has a hood that falls around the neck like a scarf, and extra long sleeves that ruche up on the wrists. And check this out: I designed a unisex hoodie--The Boyfriend Hoodie--in lofty 100% cotton so your guy can cozy up in Wulfka too!

My interest in Iceland was sparked by my husband and his friend, Halston. For two years they've been working on a documentary about Icelandic commercial fishing. She shot the footage and Zak edited. (I'll let you know when it's released! It's currently in the hands of a composer who is scoring music for it.) Zak's wanderlust was piqued so we visited the country for a week, and we even hired models and did the photoshoot in Reykjavik. Please look at the photos because we're so proud of them! For the record, Zak wore The Boyfriend Hoodie almost every single day. He says it's his favorite hoodie.