Cuddly sweaters and sweats for your winter at home

"There's No Place Like Home" is a collection of cuddly sweaters and lounge-worthy sweats. The garments are named after scientists working tirelessly to end the pandemic while we just have to stay cozy at home!

Of course the Mish--my signature cropped sweater--is back! It comes in four colors including sunshiney gold. My current favorite from the collection is the Cassidy Baseball Sweatshirt. I've worn the first sample almost every day since I made it. It's thick 100% cotton terry knit so it's super warm and looks adorable with high-waisted leggings. If you need to wear "hard pants" for any reason (that's what my husband and I now call pants that aren't sweats) check out the Luciana Trousers. They're made of stretch cotton twill and have the zipper in the back for a smooth front. They also give your booty a cute little lift! 

Please check out the photos in the Lookbook because I'm really really proud of them! Of course my favorite model Aspen is just hanging around an apartment but she makes it look so darn CUTE! The shot where she's leaning into the fridge is particularly relatable. 

You're still invited to come to the studio to try pieces on! You can respond to this email to set up a time. I will try to push you into next week because I'll have more of the collection ready by then. My big cutting table is currently piled high with cut fabric waiting to be sewn!