Tencel Jersey

the most eco-friendly fabric I've ever used

66% Tencel Lyocell, 28% Organic Cotton, 6% Spandex

Tencel is a brand of rayon (i.e. Tencel is to rayon as Kleenex is to facial tissue, get it?). It's soft and breathable, made from sustainably farmed birch trees, and produced on a closed loop so 99.9% of waste is re-captured and used again and again. 

Organic cotton is, of course, the best cotton. And since cotton and Tencel are both plant-based fibers, they will eventually biodegrade and won't clog landfills! They also feel great against the skin.

Spandex, however, is a synthetic fiber, and essential to maintaining the shape of this stretchy fabric. Spandex offers "regain" which keeps the fabric snapping back into shape instead of getting stretched out. 

This fabric is Oeko-Tex Certified which means it has been rigorously tested for toxic substances. Oeko-Tex standards exceed national and international requirements.


Cotton Lawn

100% Cotton

A tissue-weight fabric woven in Japan. It flows beautifully in the breeze and keeps you cool. Initially this fabric is crisp and relaxes and softens slightly with age. 

Cotton is a plant-based fiber and therefore is breathable and will biodegrade when it is eventually thrown away. 

Yarn-Dyed Linen

55% Linen, 45% Cotton

The summery crispness of linen with a little less creasing thanks to the addition of cotton! "Yarn-dyed" means that the spun fibers were dyed before they were woven into fabric. This creates a rich, varied color that gives the fabric character. 

Linen and cotton are both plant-based fibers. This fabric is breathable and will biodegrade when it is eventually thrown away.